New handbook published to support high-end TV producers

Doctor Who © BBC Studios

Up-and-coming producers and relevant senior crew will now be able to access a new bespoke Producer’s Handbook. The resource - commissioned by the HETV Skills Fund and written by freelance line producer Addie Orfila - addresses some of the paperwork and jargon queries that producers may encounter when starting out in their new role as producer and provides them with a handy reference guide to help them navigate their new grade. 

The handbook was commissioned specifically by the HETV producers working group. It compliments the ScreenSkills co-producer scheme, which has supported more than 15 individuals to step up into the role of high-end TV producer since 2016. The scheme has also been supported by investment from the working group.

The reference guide will not only be useful for new producers, but also for a wide range of other crew members, including line producers and production managers.  

After defining what the role of producer on a high-end television production entails, the handbook discusses pre-production, production and post-production, and all jargon associated with each of these stages. 

In addition to answering questions that could arise when first taking on the role of producer, the handbook intends to help professionals feel more confident that they can fulfil their role as high-end TV producer effectively, conscientiously and legally.

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