Help us develop new Apprenticeship Standards for screen industry roles

Image: (c) Erroll Jones

ScreenSkills is asking for industry feedback on the draft of the new Apprenticeship Standard for junior 2D VFX Artists, junior 3D VFX artists or assistant technical directors at Level 4.

We have been working with leading employers and professional bodies to revise the current VFX apprenticeships and combine these into one overarching apprenticeship offer.

To ensure that the standards reflect what currently is considered best practice in the industry, we encourage professionals to download the draft and send any feedback to  by 17.00 on Tuesday 7 June 2022.

Please invite anyone else who might want to have a say to participate in the consultation.

If you choose to give feedback, please give us your thoughts on the duties that underpin the knowledge, skills and behaviours identified so far, whilst adding anything that you feel is missing.

The attached document contains three sections:

  • overview of what the role of junior VFX artist 2D/3D or an assistant technical director entails
  • typical job titles for the role
  • duties (eight core duties and four optional duties that reflect the three VFX specialisms) which are tailored to the work environment of the apprentice

Other standard reviews – photographic assistant

We are also beginning the review of the photographic assistant standard and working with employers and professional bodies to see how this can be updated to reflect current industry practices.

There is an online consultation regarding the current standard which you can contribute to here:

If you are interested in joining any of the employer working groups to discuss the Apprenticeship Standards, or have queries regarding the development process, please contact us at 

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