Help ScreenSkills Improve National Occupational Standards for screen industry roles

Image: (c) Erroll Jones

ScreenSkills is asking for industry feedback on its update of the National Occupational Standards that inform the development of qualifications and apprenticeships in the screen industries.

ScreenSkills have been working with industry practitioners and experts on identifying and confirming the workflow and the key functions / jobs in set crafts roles including carpentry, set painting and set plastering over the last six months.

The updated workflow and functions have been agreed and these have informed the revised Set Crafts National Occupational Standards (NOS).

We have now been asked by the regulator on behalf of all home nations, to check and confirm with industry if we can use existing construction sector generic standards to cover the set crafts roles in the screen industries.

We have received confirmation from industry that the traditional route of entry to set crafts roles is through the mainstream construction sector, with majority of the set crafts roles being filled by skilled labourers or qualified construction workers. They then develop production specific skills learning on the job.

This has confirmed that the basic skills required for set crafts roles such as carpentry, set painting and set plastering is indeed the same as those used in domestic and commercial construction settings.

Therefore, it is proposed that we will adopt the Construction standards as they correspond to the key functions we require coverage for and we will retire our existing Set Crafts standards.

There are six specialist standards which do not exist in general construction – these are the ones we have updated and are asking feedback on.

Please confirm  if you are in support of this approach and if you have any further feedback on the Set Crafts Functional Map or any of the specialist standards we propose to retain by accessing the survey via the link below:

Please invite any of your colleagues and professionals within your networks who might want to have a say to participate in the consultation.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Please contact  if you require any further information or to share your thoughts on the standards.

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