Animation Skills Council chair’s end of year report

Image: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (c) TG Entertainment Productions LTD

This year's ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund has seen record-breaking sums thanks to the productions contributing. This has allowed the Animation Skills Council to deliver more training across the talent pipeline, from school outreach initiatives all the way through to high-end budgeting training for producers, helping thousands of individuals progress their careers for a stronger industry as a whole. Thank you to all of the contributing productions who enabled this to happen!

But this doesn't come without its challenges; the year has been one of the UK animation industry's busiest ever, whilst this has been great for ASF contributions, it means that the skills shortage is more prominent than ever. This then leads to studio staff being over-stretched with the risk that training and development suffers.  

This means studios need to collaborate and invest in training more than ever, not just in money, but time. For an industry that thrives on expert-guided vocational training, we need commitment from studios to help nurture and mentor talent all the way up the career ladder, and that is something that can't be solved with money alone. 

So we still have a huge amount of work ahead of us, to help reduce the skills crunch, but highlighting the breadth and range of initiatives delivered over the last year demonstrates how we are well on our way there. 

These initiatives and activities include:

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