ScreenSkills announces change to Skills Forecasting

ScreenSkills has brought forward planned changes to some of its Skills Forecasting Service research in the light of the Covid-19 crisis.

In recognition of the current widespread hiatus in production, it has been decided not to proceed with the next ScreenSkills Barometer – the regular snapshot of the state of the workforce  - as survey questions about skills gaps and shortages shared before the hiatus in production obviously no longer reflect the current situation.

It means the last barometer will be the final one in its current form.

Responding to industry demand, ScreenSkills is planning to increase the level of detail in future research so that stakeholders will be able to benefit from more sector- and geography-specific information.

We are very grateful to everyone who has participated in barometer surveys and hope to work with you, and the wider industry, on other research in future.

In line with government guidance regarding Covid-19, we have postponed the Skills forecasting: state of play event due to take place on Tuesday 26 May. We have notified all attendees and will reschedule once we are able.

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