New film and TV emergency relief fund to support workers

© Jon Hall/Netflix

A new emergency relief fund has been created by the BFI and the Film and TV Charity, established with a donation of £1m from Netflix, in order to support the UK creative community during the coronavirus crisis.

The fund will aim to provide emergency relief to workers and freelancers who have been directly impacted by productions closing across the UK.

The Film and TV Charity will administer the fund with support from the BFI. It will be open to all those working in production, distribution and exhibition and applicants are being asked to register here. The charity is currently working on ascertaining the exact eligibility criteria and level of individual funding, and details on eligibility and how to apply can be found here.

Those in urgent need of support can apply to the charity’s existing hardship fund, which offers grants of up to £500. The hardship fund will sit alongside the new Covid-19 relief.

The two organisations are also in the process of developing new advice specifically for the film and TV industry workforce on how to maintain mental health and wellbeing at home. The advice will supplement the Film & TV Charity’s existing Whole Picture Programme for better mental health. The charity also has additional plans to create a new supportive community forum for freelancers.

The BFI is also leading the Screen Sector Task Force - an industry-wide initiative looking at the impact of Covid-19 on the whole industry - while working closely with the UK government to ensure that the various, wide-ranging ramifications are considered.

As the national skills body for the UK’s screen industries, ScreenSkills is also committed to supporting the workforce at this difficult time. More information on other resources and support is available here.

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