Coronavirus basic awareness on production training FAQs

Answers to questions about ScreenSkills' coronavirus basic awareness on production training.

ScreenSkills has devised a one-hour e-learning module so that everyone working in physical production in the screen industries knows how to work as safely as possible.  It's recommended that anyone working, or wanting to work, during the coronavirus pandemic takes the course, called coronavirus basic awareness on production.

Frequently asked questions about ScreenSkills' training

Who is the e-learning for?

The coronavirus basic awareness on production course is for anyone working, or aiming to work, in physical production in the screen industries. However, it is worth noting the e-learning was designed in broad accordance with the official guidance put together specifically for film and high-end TV physical production, so references and examples are focused on this part of the industry.

Do I need to revise before hand?

You do not need to revise before. Going through the e-learning step by step will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to take the test. The module teaches you what you need to know, with a test at the end.

Can I fail?

You will fail the test if you get less than 80% of the questions right, but you can retake the test as many times as you need until you pass. It will be a different test from the last one taken, so if you fail badly, you should consider retaking the learning.

Will I get a qualification?

Yes, you receive a certificate which expires after six months, at which point you should retake the learning and test as some of the learning may have changed. This will ensure you have a valid certificate. Your certificate can be validated on the ScreenSkills website. Click here to validate your certificate.

Is it just for people who work in film and high-end TV?

The e-learning was born out official guidance compiled by industry, including representative bodies, with a focus on film and high-end TV. This means some of the language is specific to film and high-end TV filming, but anyone working in screen can take the training and benefit from it.

Who designed the training?

The training was designed by ScreenSkills working with First Option, who are industry health and safety advisors, and Skills for Health, who are specialists in online learning providing training for the NHS and other public sector bodies

Do I have to do the training now?

You are welcome to do the training at any time, so you have your certificate of completion ready for when you get your next job. Your production may ask for proof you have completed it (in the form of your certificate) or direct you to complete it when they hire you.

Do I have to complete the training to be hired?

We recommend completing the training so you are armed with useful knowledge for when you are hired. It is not compulsory to take the e-learning, although you may be instructed to do so by your production.

How much does it cost?

It is free through ScreenSkills.

What happens if government guidance changes?

If government guidance relating to work changes significantly in the six months after you have completed the training. We will update the training and you will receive an email from us requesting you retake it to ensure you remain up to date.

Can I do the training over several sessions?

Yes, the module will know where you stop and allow you to pick up. However, we recommend you try to do in one sitting to cement understanding.

Ready to do the training?

The coronavirus basic awareness on production training can be done in one hour.

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