Stunt coordinator Abbi Collins

Job title: Stunt coordinator
Industries: Film/TV

Abbi Collins is a freelance stunt coordinator, stunt performer and horse master. Her credits include Bridget Jones's Diary, Poldark and Loaded

How did you get into the industry?

I moved into stunt work on the recommendation of a friend.

The skills I had were hang gliding, showjumping, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, and he said, 'You should be using those to earn you a living, wouldn’t you like to do that?' I said, 'I would love to do that, but doing what?' And he said, 'Well what about stunts?' And it just came out of the blue.

He had a friend that was a stunt man, and I gave it a moment and I said, 'I need to meet this friend of yours.' So he put me in touch with him and the next day I went to see him. He told me all about the business and I started my training that very evening. Every day, basically, of every week, I’d be doing some training.

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