Now's the time to be in Scotland

Five film and TV professionals talk about some of the great things about working in Scotland.

The film and TV professionals explain how the industries are growing and opportunities are increasing in their home country.

David Frew, post-production producer

When David Frew came out of college over a decade ago he was told that he couldn’t have a career in the film and TV industries unless he went to London. Since then, his whole career has been in Scotland. He’s now a post-production producer and has worked on such films and shows as Shetland, Outlander, and Wild Rose.

Lauren Lamarr, post-production coordinator

Increasingly, more production companies in Scotland are being commissioned for big jobs, according to Lauren Lamarr. Frew echoes this, saying that there are more projects in Scotland than there ever used to be. Scotland doesn’t have the same overheads as London, so Scottish production companies are able to be competitive, and, crucially, work with local talent.

Iguácel Cuiral, camera assistant

Iguácel Cuiral says that in Scotland industry professionals are genuinely interested in training people in the early stages of their careers.

Pete Murphy, locations manager

Pete Murphy likes to showcase the beauty of Scotland on film. He describes it as “one of the most dramatic-looking countries in Europe, if not the world.”

Aiden McDonach, sound assistant

Aiden McDonach claims the Scottish film industry is a great industry in which to start. Once you get your name about, you can make real career progress. “Now is the time to be in Scotland.”

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