Northern Ireland film is buzzing

Four film and TV professionals reveal how the Northern Irish film and TV industries are growing and opportunities are increasing.

Shane Bunting, production designer

Shane Bunting says that 10 years ago there might have been only one major project on the go at a time in Northern Ireland. Now, so much is going on in the film and TV industries that they have to search out more people to work in their departments.

Julie McCausland, costume assistant

“There’s a lot of opportunities,” says Julie McCausland. “They are always looking to train up crew… from the bottom and work their way up.”

Simon Baxter, art director

Simon Baxter was a trainee in Northern Ireland and has been able to keep up steady employment in the country ever since his first industry role.

Leon McGeown, line producer

Leon McGeown has built her career in Northern Ireland ever since leaving university. This includes working on one of the first feature films shot in Ireland, titled, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland, which was released in 2000. McGeown has also worked as a production manager on multiple TV series.

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