Daisy Scalchi: Series Producer Programme

Daisy Scalchi had been working in TV for about 17 years before she got a place on ScreenSkills' Series Producer Programme. She was ready to step up - but didn't know how.

As a result of taking the course, Daisy became a series producer and is now a commissioning editor with the BBC. She says that wouldn't have happened if she hadn't had the training.

The programme required honesty and self-analysis but, says Daisy,  made her a better person.

About the Series Producer Programme

The year-long Series Producer Programme is commissioned by the ScreenSkills TV Skills Fund with contributions from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5. It's designed to give its delegates the knowledge, skills and network to make the move from producer to series producer with confidence and to develop the next generation of showrunners who will become the cornerstones of UK television.

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