Unscripted TV short course programme

Unscripted TV short course programme
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The Unscripted TV Skills Fund has made it easier for freelancers and production staff to embed training into their working lives by introducing a returning programme of short courses grouped in three strands: Step Up, Your Life at Work and Mind Your Business.

The new schedule represents the Unscripted TV Skills Fund’s commitment to continuing to offer free and accessible training to those making unscripted TV across the UK. It reflects the need for adaptability and flexibility in response to the scheduling of training for an increasingly busy TV sector. 

About the strands:

Step Up

The Step Up strand offers training to help individuals move on to a new role or improve skills in their current role, providing support to develop their unscripted TV career.

See current courses here.

Your Life at Work

The Your Life at Work strand offers training aimed at sharing workplace best practice as well as how to stay healthy, happy and productive at work.

See current courses here.

Mind Your Business

The Mind Your Business strand offers training in a range of areas related to finance, HR, business affairs and around industry-identified skills-shortage areas, giving individuals the tools needed to thrive in their chosen field in unscripted TV.

See current courses here.

The courses in each strand will run at regular intervals over the year so that everyone can forward-plan around their work and life commitments and not miss out.

Connect and Inspire

The Connect and Inspire strand offers a variety of sessions, from in-person networking and online roundtables to in-depth case studies, designed to promote the sharing of knowledge and the building of relationships across unscripted TV.

See current events here

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