Before the skills needs of the creative industries can be addressed, they must first be identified. ScreenSkills , formerly known as Creative Skillset,  has gathered comprehensive findings on the screen industries, skills needs and training provisions over many years. This directory of research papers offers insight into the size and shape of the industries, the needs of employers and workforce and training provision.

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Research published in 2023

ScreenSkills research:

ScreenSkills apprenticeship pilots summary findings - May 2023

Findings from two apprenticeship pilots in collaboration with the Government and the screen industries. They illustrate the serious systemic issues that prevent our sector from taking full advantage of the opportunity that earn-as-you-learn training presents and the need for fundamental legislative change.

Film and Children's TV research:

Placements in UK film and TV - May 2023

Research on employers’ attitudes towards placements, how many and what type of placements are offered by employers, the benefits of them and the factors which effect the scale and effectiveness of placements.

High-end TV research:

High-end TV Skills Fund - workforce research 2023-2024 (PDF)

Research into the perception of skills shortages and skills gaps within the UK's high-end TV industry.