Resources and templates

Resources and templates
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The HR Toolkit is designed to support best practice and make the implementation of the guidelines as easy as possible. Here are all the resources and downloadable templates you need, from recruitment to onboarding and offboarding.

ScreenSkills also provides free online short courses* across a huge range of topics, which you are encouraged to share with your teams and colleagues. By providing this information, you endorse the importance of continued professional development and may therefore help your colleagues feel more able to prioritise their own development.

Discover the courses that can support you in implementing good people practices here. These include:

  • HR 1-2-1 surgeries
  • Equality and inclusion essentials
  • Anti-bullying and harassment training
  • Mastering giving feedback

*Please note that these are currently open to those working in Unscripted TV only.



Discover all courses that can help you implement good recruitment practices here. Some of these are the HR 1-2-1 surgeries, Equality and Inclusion essentials, Anti-bullying and harrassment training, Mastering receiving feedback and many more.