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ScreenSkills' high-end TV leadership and management training is for heads of department and other staff members with managerial responsibilities.

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If you inquiring on behalf of a production that has paid into the High-end TV Skills Fund you can book any of the courses below for free. Please contact basia.miszczyk@screenskills.com. If you are a freelancer please click here to apply for open free courses.

Leadership and management essentials

ScreenSkills' high-end TV Leadership and Management training is for heads of department and other staff members with managerial responsibilities.

This three and a half hour training course covers the essential skills needed to be an effective manager on a production, including:

  • What is leadership?
  • Team dynamics and personalities
  • Culture: working inclusively
  • Managing performance
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Looking after ourselves and our teams

Anti-bullying & harassment

This is a ninety minute course is designed to help heads of department and managers address bad behaviour, bullying and harassment and covers the following elements:

  • What is and what is not acceptable behaviour
  • The equality act
  • Bullying and examples of bullying
  • Harassment and examples of harassment
  • Explaining what happens if bullying and harassment is not addressed
  • Personal liability and duty of care

Mental health awareness

This one hour workshop increases the awareness and understanding around mental health and helps managers to recognise the signs and offer support to people suffering from mental distress in the workplace and in the community. 

This workshop was designed and is delivered by Sarah McCaffrey at Solas Mind who has worked for many years in film and the media and is also a qualified psychotherapist (MBACP).

For Leadership and Management short courses, please contact Basia Miszczyk.

“The swiftness with which some crew progress means they have not developed their soft skills, so it is brilliant that ScreenSkills is continuing with its training in leadership and management, together with antibullying and harassment, and is able to offer it to all productions.”

Jo Evans, Head of Production, Buccaneer Media and part of HETV Skills Council
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