Co-producer programme for heads of department

The high-end TV Co-producer programme is for heads of department who are looking to take their next step into producing high-end television.       

A member of crew gives instruction to Sex education actor.
Image: Sex Education S3 © Netflix

All high-end TV production companies contributing to the High-end TV Skills Fund can apply for up to £20,000 of funding to help a nominated head of department take their next step up into producing high end television.       

Eligible co-producer candidates should ideally have a minimum of ten years’ industry experience and a minimum of three consistent credits in a senior role within scripted film or TV production, and/ or factual production.

The high-end TV team does not source the placements, so it is either the responsibility of the individual seeking a placement to approach a production company willing to support them, otherwise high-end TV production companies can actively seek an eligible candidate themselves. 

This high-end TV drama production-based placement programme should provide an agreed on-screen credit of at least co-producer for those taking part and the placement experience should consider, if possible, how the individual can gain the relevant experience in the following: 

  • Financing
  • Broadcaster / financier meetings / calls
  • Budgeting and scheduling 
  • Casting 
  • HoD interviews
  • Prep and shoot 
  • Post and attendance of all key stages of final post and sign off procedure.
  • Publicity and key deliverables
  • International delivery

“ScreenSkills has given me a route into something I may not have had access to if I hadn’t been part of this programme. I wouldn’t have known where to go. I looked at TV like the castle beyond the moat, but the drawbridge was up! This programme provides direct access.”

Barrington Robinson on his HETV Co-Producer Programme experience

For more information about the Co-Producer programme please contact Jacqui Taunton Fenton on


You can download our Producer’s handbook here, full of useful information and tips.

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