Nats Bolton on upskilling and retaining talent in children's TV

Production executive Nats Bolton answers questions about the Children's TV Skills Council and gives her thoughts on the future of the industry.

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Image: Nats Bolton

Nats Bolton is a production executive for BBC Studios Kids and Family, covering pre-school and live action. She has worked in television production management for more than two decades, but fell in love with children’s content 13 years ago.  

What made you join the Children’s TV Skills Council?

I think it's so important to inform and educate people on the how, where and why they should be working in the industry and what training and opportunities are out there. I want to encourage people to think about driving careers and not being afraid to move across genres and skillsets.

What are the main objectives of the Council?

To ensure funding is allocated to the right projects and remains industry relevant and future facing.

How do you decide what to prioritise?

For me, it’s about what we see in day-to-day production, skills shortages and needs, and applying learning as we go.

What are the challenges you see ahead?

A changing industry and keeping skills relevant. We need to retain talent and find ways to reskill and upskill people as things evolve as a company and an individual. Training is key to this.

What is the most exciting thing about work in children’s TV?

Our audience and how they consume content is constantly changing … so we also have to too. You also get to have so much fun in children’s TV.  When I worked in factual I never got to test how the art department’s snot looked on camera, hang out with Big Bird or work with Mr Tumble.

What is the key area of training you would recommend for freelancers to help them build and sustain a successful career?

I think regular training in as many areas as possible. And don’t be afraid to try new things and apply skills you have to new areas.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to somebody wanting to start a career in children’s TV?

Know your audience and what’s already out there for them…


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