Dream Big! new entrant programme

Dream Big! provides new entrants with their first job in children’s TV through paid placements at a range of leading production companies.

Production shot from Ranger Hamza's Eco Quest S2 of Ranger Hamza (Hamza Yassin) and his three young ramblers march along the beach
Image: BBC Studios

The initiative is delivered by the ScreenSkills Children’s TV Skills Fund and is in its second year.

The programme is run by training provider thinkBIGGER! and focuses on attracting underrepresented new entrants to children’s TV and enabling them to build a successful career.

In addition to the placements, Dream Big! offers practical training, industry masterclasses, personal development skills and mentoring with industry professionals.

The trainees are given roles as production coordinators or researchers on active productions.

Lanna Cowles received a placement as a production coordinator and said: “It was eye-opening to understand the amount of paperwork that goes into creating these shows that we love! Even after production. It was also super interesting working for a company who worked so heavily on merchandising the show so I got to understand how creating audiobooks or games, based on the show, work.”

Fellow trainee Erin Malinowski said: “The training thinkBIGGER provided alongside the placements was what really made Dream Big! an invaluable opportunity. Starting with a crash course introduction to the industry over the first week and ending with a couple of days in London meeting talent managers and other industry professionals, the training was not only incredibly helpful but really good fun."

To find out more about the Dream Big! programme contact Sarah Joyce.

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