Working in virtual production

The convergence of cutting-edge technologies has made making feature films and high-end TV on virtual production stages a reality. It is a rapidly evolving field with many new and emerging roles.

This video, made for ScreenSkills in collaboration with Sky Studios, Dimension and DNEG, explains what some of the roles are and what impact they make on set.

You can find out more about the innovative techniques used in virtual production in this series of videos called the Virtual Production Innovation Project, produced by Sky Studios, Dimension and DNEG.

Episode 1: Lighting

Episode 2: Tracking

Episode 3: Simulcam

Episode 4: In-Camera Effects

Episode 5: Scanning the Ritzy

Episode 6: 360 Photospheres

Learn more about the competencies required to incorporate virtual production techniques into different parts of the workflow within camera, lighting and visual effects (VFX) departments.

You can also view ScreenSkills webinars on virtual production and explore other resources.