Trisha Mistry on ScreenSkills’ High-end TV First Break programme

University graduate Trisha Mistry had a degree in film and TV production from Manchester Film School but was struggling to find her first role in the industry. When she successfully applied for ScreenSkills’ High-end TV First Break programme she quickly gained the practical experience she was looking for.

She said: “First Break threw me into a world of High-end TV I didn’t know existed. I finished First Break last September and the production company kept me on as a full-time runner. I have learned so much as I’m around people who have been in the industry for years. I know now that I want to be a production coordinator thanks to this experience.”

Speaking about how the social mobility programme allowed her to gain experience from her hometown, she added: “First Break also gave me the opportunity to work in Manchester where I’m from. I thought originally that I would have to move to London but there is so much in Manchester – you’re never stuck for work here.”

For anyone looking for advice, Trisha continued: “Without ScreenSkills I wouldn’t have had a chance to be so involved in a production office so quickly – you get thrown into the deep end and you get to see everything first-hand. I was working on ViewPoint and am now working on a high-end TV drama for ITV.”

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