Theo Scott - illustrator, animation director and graphic designer

Theo has a portfolio career working as a graphic designer and illustrator, which enables him to pursue his dreams as an animation director

Theo Scott is an illustrator and award-winning animation director based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Theo’s heart is in animation. He has won the Royal Television Society’s Professional Excellence: Animation award and Best Animated Film and the British Short Film awards for his film Cuties.

He would like to be making his own animated films full time, but needs to do graphic design and package design to keep his income steady. This is what makes it possible for him to pursue his passion for creating cartoons.

“The main difference between designing a pack of coffee and making an animation is the design aspect,” says Theo. “With package design, the design aspect is quite insular and there are no surprises, but when you’re working with a team it feels like Christmas morning when you get a new animation through. It’s really exciting to see someone’s interpretation.”

This video was created by ScreenSkills as part of campaign, funded by Arts Council England, to encourage freelancers to build portfolio careers by using their skills in more than one creative industry or genre. 

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