Ruby Fisher on working on Killing Eve as part of ScreenSkills' Make a Move programme

Ruby Fisher on working on Killing Eve as part of ScreenSkills' Make a Move programme

Ruby Fisher had built up years of experience by the time she came across ScreenSkills’ Make a Move programme. The South Londoner had spent time at the BBC working on continuing drama Holby City, working her way through production management from a starting role as production runner to ending her time there as a production coordinator.

Having known ScreenSkills as a great platform for screen professionals to learn about the industry and further their careers, she was then nominated for its Make a Move to take the next step in her career journey.

The initiative, supported by the High-end TV Skills Fund, is designed to help career progression for those in the industry ready to take on greater responsibility and step up or across. For Ruby, it meant receiving advice tailored to her skills: “I had the support from my peers to train as an assistant production co-ordinator (APOC). I also had a clear training plan that enabled me to focus on specific aspects of the role.”

Through the programme, Ruby found herself working in a new environment and on a new production, venturing into HETV drama for the first time on the set of Killing Eve.

She joined production for the fourth – and final – series of the global hit show and found that the show’s previous involvement with ScreenSkills had its advantages. “My experience on Killing Eve was really great, there were a number of crew who had previously taken part on the Make a Move programme, so they understood what I was doing.

“Despite joining the show for the last series, the longstanding crew and production company were all so friendly. It had a really family feel to it! It was fast paced with exciting and challenging storylines. We filmed in blocks which meant whilst shooting for the current block you were also prepping for the next.”

As part of the programme, Ruby was able to step up to a more senior role. “I originally came on to Killing Eve as a production secretary, ScreenSkills were able to look at my past experience in the industry and help me step up to an APOC in HETV.”

The move to a new role and experience she gained from her time on Killing Eve allowed Ruby to move quickly when production wrapped, wasting no time in seeking out new opportunities on different sets.

“Being part of the Make a Move programme has made me more confident applying for the same role in HETV. Since working on the show I’ve gained so many contacts, from the people I worked closely with, to the suppliers who I’ve since used on other jobs. I’m currently working on a new HETV drama for Disney+.”

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