Leon Oldstrong - director in documentary, scripted and 360

Leon has built a portfolio career by working across different industries within screen.  He is exploring working in theatre too.


Leon Oldstrong is a director who started off directing unscripted TV and then moved into directing drama. He has recently directed in 360 and now is working on moving into theatre as well.

Leon is driven by the needs of the story. He chooses the genre that will tell the tale and reach the audience best. He also wants to keep growing as an artist. “It’s about really pushing myself as an artist – because I definitely think of myself as an artist – so, you know, it keeps me excited and it keeps the job interesting for me,” he says.

This video was created by ScreenSkills as part of campaign, funded by Arts Council England, to encourage freelancers to build portfolio careers by using their skills in more than one creative industry or genre. 

Could you have a portfolio career?

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