Barrington Robinson on ScreenSkills’ high-end TV co-producer programme

Barrington Robinson had been making short form content but found it difficult to break into the world of High-End TV. When Liverpool Film Office told him about ScreenSkills’ High-End TV Co-Producer Programme, he saw it as a chance to access the industry he had always wanted to be a part of.

He said: “If you have a film background, it’s really hard to get into HETV. ScreenSkills has given me a route into something I may not have had access to if I hadn’t been part of this programme. I wouldn’t have known where to go. I looked at TV like the castle beyond the moat, but the drawbridge was up! This programme provides direct access.”

The High-End TV Co-Producer programme allows heads of department to take their next step into producing high-end television drama, something that Barrington saw as an ideal opportunity: “It’s been very beneficial. TV is booming and there’s not enough crew. I have found out that the skills I developed producing short form content are very transferable to working in HETV.”

Of the programme’s placement, he added: I had an interview with the producer, Rebecca Ferguson, and Executives from the production company, Dancing Ledge who were shooting a police drama.

 It was a perfect match, particularly as it was being made in my home city of Liverpool.”

It’s been an experience that has provided Barrington with a busy new career. “I have two weeks left on the job and then a break but I’ve ended up turning down two jobs, getting another job and getting an agent – I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud! Getting to a place where you’re being paid for doing something you love and have always wanted to do is ridiculous!”

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