Introduction and walkthrough of the RIMMS releasing platform

A cartoon figure holding a telescope and a tablet.
A cartoon figure holding a telescope and a tablet.
20 Jun 2024, 15:00-15:45
Target job roles
Assistant producer
Production manager (Unscripted TV)
Career stages
Early, Experienced, Expert
Unscripted TV
ScreenSkills funded

As part of the Mind your business strand, we're offering training in a range of areas related to business management & development, production finance, legal & business affairs, rights, and compliance, giving individuals the tools needed to thrive in their chosen field in unscripted TV. 

This session will be hosted by Oliver Waton, the co-creator of RIMMS, and will cover everything from releasing using RIMMS iPads on location as an AP, runner or producer, through to managing contributor, location and material releases in post as an edit producer, production manager or production coordinator. 

Following a 30-minute demonstration and walkthrough, Oliver will answer all your burning questions. 

Who it's for

PMs, PCs and JPMs, and runners & APs in unscripted TV. Anyone who is tasked with looking after consents whether on the shoot itself, or collating and managing them in post.

The majority of the USF online short course offering is for those at early career stage and above. As a result, we generally require applicants to have at least three credits (unless working in a traditionally uncredited role). If you strongly feel you would still benefit from the training, please email so we can assess if an exception should be made.

We are committed to ensuring all our courses are accessible to everyone. Please email the above address if you have any access requirements and we will be delighted to help.


Oliver Waton is the co-founder and co-director of RIMMS, the Digital Releasing Software Platform. In 2013, while working on Educating Yorkshire as the sound supervisor, Oliver noticed a need for better digital tools in those types of fast-paced environments, so trundled off and built a prototype version of RIMMS’ original offering of Microphone Allocation Tracking software.

Once production staff had iPads around their necks, attention turned to other things that could be taken care of more easily and RIMMS Releasing was born. Fast-forward nearly 10 years and RIMMS is now the de-facto releasing software for UK TV production and is slowly expanding into the US and further afield. Oliver isn’t full time at RIMMS any longer, and so this is a rare opportunity to grab a chance to ask the co-creator all those niggling questions.

Amusingly, Oliver is the one we have to thank for RIMMS’ ridiculous name, and its continued use despite the company’s growth, and he remains thoroughly amused every time someone asks a contributor if they’ve ‘been rimmed’ yet on location. 

How to apply

This session will take place online via Zoom. Click ‘book ticket’ and follow the instructions to book for your place. You must login or register before you are able to book your place.

If you are no longer able to attend, we ask you to please use the 'decline ticket' function on the right hand side of the page so that we can release your place. Our sessions are often oversubscribed, so we’d like to give other freelancers the opportunity to fill available spots.

This session is supported by the ScreenSkills Unscripted TV Skills Fund which invests in training for the unscripted workforce thanks to contributions from broadcasters, SVoDs and production companies.

This course would normally cost participants to attend, but thanks to this support, we are able to offer it to you for free. If you fail to attend, we reserve the right to request reimbursement of costs, unless your place can be taken by someone else.



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