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16 Apr 2021
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Entry, Early
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The film and TV industry are struggling at the moment to facilitate the productions that have started filming. There is a shortage of crew in every department.

There are lots of crew who think they can work in the industry but lack the basic skills that will help them get a foot in the door.

Course leaders will be award-winning Producer Mary Hare, amazing coach and mentor Andrew Minns and the Director of Set Etiquette, Tracey Ewen-Powell. Between them they have over 75 years of high-level experience. They want to share the knowledge that has helped them have a successful career. 

Mary Hare

Mary’s career started in the design department at BBC Television in the early 80s and since then she has worked around the world including Stonehenge: Decoded for National Geographic; produced 24 episodes of the award-winning drama series Bishaash in Bangladesh; 30 episodes of Taste of Life for BBC Media Action in Cambodia and the award-winning documentary Ice Bear.

She has recently produced series one and 2 of London Kills for Acorn TV in the US and is in development with series 3 and 4 alongside a new contemporary drama series for BBC Daytime.

Find out more about Mary Hare.

Tracey Ewen Powell (Set Etiquette CEO)

Tracey has worked in the TV and Film Industry for the last 33 years.
As Series Costume Designer, Tracey has been in charge of two Bafta Award winning productions. As there are only eight Series Costume Designer staff positions in the whole of the UK, Tracey is, understandably very proud to have held two of these positions.
Training the next generation to be the best in their chosen careers within the film and TV industry is one of Tracey’s passions. With this end, she’s set up training schemes in every job she has designed.
It stands as testament to Tracey’s work ethic, that all of her trainees have achieved successful careers.
Tracey believes that her own training at the BBC was exemplary and has given her the necessary grounding to pass on her knowledge and expertise to others.
She calls on her vast network of connections, to create a selection of training course,covering several different aspects of the industry.

Find out more about Tracey Ewen Powell.

Andrew Minns

We are delighted to announce that Andrew Minns has agreed to join us as one of our course leaders. With over 25 years’ experience in coaching and mentoring, Andrew’s 90 min session will be incorporated into this 2-day course.

The importance of making effective, positive impressions on those we work with will be the key area for discussion during Andrew’s session. This will prove especially relevant when embarking on a career within the intense, fast-paced arena that is the TV and FILM industry.

Andrew will work to improve your resilience, helping you create a positive, lasting impact on your future work colleagues. This will be a positive advantage, both as an invaluable tool, not only for your chosen career within this rewarding industry, but also a useful and rewarding life skill.



"Just wanted to say thank you for today’s sessions! It’s already been incredibly helpful, and I’ve absorbed so much information in just one day, I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow! I especially wanted to say how useful I found the session with Andrew; what he said really resonated with me and I found it incredibly helpful to hear reassurance and insight into impact of that first impression and meeting. Lucy brought up a really crucial point about imposter syndrome that I think is something a lot of people just starting out suffer from and he addressed it really well and in such a helpful way!" (Course Attendee)


"It was an incredibly valuable experience which I don’t think I would get anywhere else! It was really informative and definitely gave me a sense that making this career change is a real possibility, and one that I can make successfully" (Course Attendee)

Who it's for

Thinking of starting a career in the media industry but you’re not sure where to start? Our course covers everything you need!

Do you have transferable skills?

Do you want to retrain?

Have you always dreamt of career in Film and TV?

Set Etiquette have put together a 2-day course that will not only help you decide which department would be a best fit for you, It offers you the information on essential skills needed to break into the industry.

What it covers

Topics covered will include:

Set etiquette
The journey (and how long it takes) to climb that ladder
What department are you most suited too
Genres and crossing over (or not)
Getting a job
Body language
Impact and Resilience
Consider your strengths and weaknesses
Approaching companies
CV writing
Personal work email
Covering letter writing
How to be remembered without being annoying
Saying thank you
Social media
What happens before the first day?
All things form filling
Holiday pay
Health & Safety courses
Other useful courses
Insurance (driving your car for work)
How to read a script
Breaking it down
Call sheets and how to read them
Day one on the set
Bring paperwork
Time keeping
Knowing that you know nothing
Petty cash


How to apply

 Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life.
Book now! Numbers are strictly limited to 10 places.
This 2-day course costs £190.00
Course hours are 10am – 4pm.

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