Careers in Games: Dundee

Careers in Games: Dundee
Careers in Games: Dundee
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Entry, Early
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This is an in-person event for Scotland-based games careers seekers to learn more about what they can do to best prepare themselves for a job in the UK games industry. 

Join ScreenSkills and Into Games - the UK’s leading organisations for skills and careers in games - at the Flour Mill in Dundee as we explore what you can do to start your career in the games industry. 


Tickets are limited, but you can also attend virtually, live via Twitch!

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What it covers

The session will consist of a series of ten minute talks from the following studios:

The takeaways from the session:

  • Advice for college and university graduates on building their portfolio and CV
  • Free resources, advice and communities you can join to grow your skills and networks
  • What local studios and games organisations look for in a new hire, and what they like to see in an application
  • How you can best prepare yourself for application, interview, and your first day

There will also be an opportunity for networking with local and national games employers after the talks,  to get advice on starting your career.

By the end of this session, you should have grown your network of local games studios and employers, as well as your understanding of what they - and the rest of the UK games industry - looks for in a great entry level hire!



Please read our COVID-19 Policy here before signing up.

Contact information

Name: Kay Verdon



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