Share My Telly Job

Share My Telly Job

Share My Telly Job is an online community built for Freelancers looking for a better work-life balance in TV.

Our mission is to promote a practical solution to hiring and crucially, retaining, experienced industry talent. 
We are advocating job-sharing to help ALL freelancers achieve a better work-life balance and continue to thrive in an industry they have dedicated their working lives to.

We are championing job-sharing as the most practical solution to the fact there are virtually no part-time jobs in the TV industry. Perhaps most obviously, this will benefit people with caring commitments such as parents or those who perhaps need to care for a partner or family member with additional needs. Job-sharing can also be beneficial to freelancers with their own physical or mental health issues or with disabilities. Job-sharing can benefit those wanting time to pursue their own creative interests, business ideas or just want more time enjoy their life outside of work a bit more!

We are committed to educating broadcasters and production companies about the merits of flexible work and the exceptional wealth of talent it brings to their programming. We are challenging the negative perceptions surrounding part-time work in the TV industry.

We truly believe that the more broad and diverse the people involved in making TV are, the more enriched the stories we tell on screen will be.