Film Skills Council

ScreenSkills' Film Skills Council comprises senior film industry figures, from all areas of the film value chain, who lead and advise us on our work in film. The Film Skills Council meets quarterly.

Actor dressed as a king on a horse with flag in background
Image: The Lost King


  • Anita Overland, Producer (Chair)
  • Ameena Ayub Allen, producer
  • Ciara Barry / Rosie Crerar, Barry Crerar
  • Nigel Bennett, Molinare
  • Nicky Bentham, Neon Films
  • Emma Kayee, BBC Film
  • Jennifer Monks, The Loop
  • Alex Mosley, Paramount
  • Tori Parry, Channel 4
  • Adam Partridge, Delta Pictures
  • Chris Patterson, Causeway Pictures
  • Amy Smith, Framestore
  • Tolu Stedford, Story Compound
  • Sarah-Jane Wright, Working Title Films