Film Skills Council

ScreenSkills' Film Skills Council comprises senior film industry figures, from all areas of the film value chain, who lead and advise us on our work in film. The Film Skills Council meets quarterly.


  • Iain Smith, Applecross Productions Ltd (Chair)
  • Phil Clapp, UK Cinema Association (Deputy Chair)
  • Alison Small, Production Guild
  • Amy Smith, Framestore
  • Candice Campos, Lucasfilm
  • Isabel Davis, Creative Scotland
  • Nigel Bennett, Molinare
  • Ben Roberts, BFI
  • Nicole Young, costume supervisor
  • Geraldine Moloney, Film Distributors Association
  • Tom Box, Blue Zoo
  • Neil Gillard, Wiggin LLP
  • Charlie Bloye, Film Export UK
  • Fiona McGuire, Pathe