How ScreenSkills champions diversity and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity is a key focus of our work and is woven into all our projects and funding. Our inclusivity initiatives are designed to attract, develop and advance talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status, address, socio-economic background or any other dimension of diversity.

Support for individuals

ScreenSkills works with industry and educational partners to develop inclusive training solutions. Freelancers and employees who belong to under-represented groups in the screen industries can apply for funding for training and developmental support they need to progress in their careers.

ScreenSkills not only focuses on creating opportunities for new entrants, but we also support career progression for mid-level and senior level talent as well. Senior levels of management in the screen industries are currently less diverse than entry-level staff, but by supporting access to training and development we can help individuals from under-represented groups gain the skills and confidence they need to move up in their own careers. This creates a more inclusive workforce in the screen industries.

Our support for individuals includes skills training bursaries for freelancers, career progression schemes like Make a Move, and our entry-level Trainee Finder scheme. We have also created the Work Well series, three e-learning modules designed to give everyone in the screen industries (film, television, animation, visual effects and games) tools to help create a better, more welcoming and inclusive place to work. 

Support for organisations

We support organisations and training providers who offer programmes and courses to develop diverse talent and make their workplaces more inclusive. This is funded via the High-end TV Skills Fund, Film Skills Fund, and Unscripted TV Skills Fund.

How we measure our impact

We are working with industry leaders to develop a consistent approach to monitoring and data collection in the screen industries that is in line with UK General Data Protection Regulations 2021 (UK-GDPR).

Inclusivity is a key focus of our work and is woven into all our projects and funding. To measure and evaluate our progress, ScreenSkills sets aspirational inclusivity targets for ourselves and our training providers:

  • For gender, 50% female
  • For ethnicity, 20% minority ethnic
  • For disability, 10% disabled and people who have a learning difference, impairment or long-term condition
  • For sexual orientation and gender identity, 10% lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans
  • For nations and regions, 50% outside London

We expect our training providers to monitor further areas of inclusivity, such as caring responsibilities, employment status, geographical location, returning parents/carers, socio-economic background and any other under-represented participant groups. You can see how we measure these targets on our reporting diversity and inclusion page.