How to monitor diversity using Diamond

Minnie Ayres gives a tutorial on using the system required by TV broadcasters.

Diamond is an end-to-end process for collecting and reporting diversity data across all the main broadcasters. In this training video, Minnie Ayres explains how to use the system.

The people who most commonly have to report under Diamond are TV production coordinators, although production secretaries may also find this a useful skill to learn. This tutorial is also useful for those in more senior roles who want to understand how the system works.

Minnie talks about:

  • why Diamond is important
  • the producer's role in collecting data
  • how to engage the cast and crew

About Minnie Ayres

Minnie Ayres is a co-director of TriForce Creative Network and Dandi Network. In addition she works extensively with organisations such as Creative Diversity Network and Pact to production companies on creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

About the video

This is a recording of a training event on 12 May 2020, supported by the ScreenSkills Television Skills Fund which invests in training for the freelance television workforce thanks to contributions from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5. It is part of a ScreenSkills programme managed by the Indie Training Fund to support freelancers to upskill and stay connected, helping keep the industry resilient in the coronavirus lockdown.

About Diamond

Diamond is managed by the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) who have commissioned TriForce Creative Network/Dandi to deliver practical training to production coordinators and others, who are responsible for completing Diamond paperwork.

For more information, go to Creative Diversity Network - Diamond.