Children’s TV Skills Fund: Step up to line producer programme 2022-23

Following a successful first iteration of a Step up to Line Producer programme and with continued industry demand for more people at LP level in Children’s tv - both scripted and unscripted - the Children’s Council are funding a second iteration of the step up programme.

The training should be aimed at those currently working as production managers, APs, location managers or production accountants and give them the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently make the move to line producing.

The programme should also secure industry placements working alongside an experienced LP on a children’s production.

Training to include:

  • General responsibilities of the Line Producer
  • Budgeting & Scheduling including Movie Magic
  • Prep - negotiating & basic contracting (crew, artists & facilities); child licencing
  • Production responsibilities
  • Relationship with production accountant
  • Relationship with all departments
  • Dealing with commissioning company
  • Expectations of production company
  • LP as mentor

The Children’s TV Skills Fund will contribute up to £10,000* towards the placement costs for 8 participants. Additional placements can be offered but costs will need to be covered in full by the production company.

*Productions can apply for £500pw up to £10k max to support this placement. In order to qualify for funding they must have contributed to the Children’s TV Skills Fund.

Training budget: £50,000

Placement budget - max £80,000

What we are looking for

The applicant must:

  1. Provide evidence of appropriate, recent engagement with the children’s live-action TV industry in the design and delivery of courses; [and/or] partner with UK TV industry bodies with access to groups under-represented within the children’s TV workforce.
  2. Design training (whether face-to-face or online) that is inclusive and accessible including making reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities, impairments, learning differences and long-term conditions – see free guidance from the Government scheme Disability Confident.
  3. Demonstrate commitment to diversity by having an equality policy or similar equality statement as an employer/training provider. The policy or statement should ideally be available in the public domain (eg website).
  4. Ensure course leaders and facilitators complete diversity and inclusion training - see free ACAS online training courses including bullying and harassment, disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments, equality and diversity, flexible working; managing people, mental health awareness for employers, pregnancy and maternity at work; recruitment and induction and religion or belief in the workplace.
  5. Have a clear structure to development and delivery of training including:
  • eligibility criteria and targeted recruitment designed to increase diversity and inclusion
  • learning outcomes

ScreenSkills will notify trainers via email and social media about the opportunities available and all applications will be submitted via the website for assessment.

How to apply


  • Open for applications on Tuesday 30 August
  • Close on Sunday 9 October (5 weeks)
  • Decisions made by 17 October

There is no expression of interest required for this tender, do however notify Sarah Joyce, Head of Unscripted and Children’s TV, of your decision to apply. You can contact her at any time for guidance regarding your application.

Please complete the application form and submit a budget via the inks below. All applications will be initially assessed internally with recommendations made to the Children’s Council for review and final decision.

Submit your tender

To submit your tender, you need to fill in a project and budget spreadsheet and go to the application portal.