Independent Cinema Office

Independent Cinema Office

Our mission is to develop an open, challenging and thriving film sector. We are the UK’s national body that supports independent cinemas, film festivals and exhibitors of all forms. We want everyone to have access to cinema that nourishes the soul and changes lives.

  • Location: London

About the Independent Cinema Office

We programme a network of over 22 cinemas, festivals and mixed arts venues in the UK so that anyone can access a shared experience of life-changing cinema in their community, offering a wider range of films to a wider range of people.

We offer national and international training so that independent cinema professionals can benefit from high-level knowledge that ensure our sector is successful, innovative and progressive.

We offer consultancy to help start, save and grow cinemas, making sure they stay economically viable and build their capacity.

We distribute films that make a contribution to the diversity of cinema culture in the UK and make a cultural intervention into the marketplace.

We offer free advice and information to make sure that everyone can show films and take part in our sector.

We run events for cinema professionals that help build a robust sector and encourage collaboration.

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Independent Cinema Office

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