Unconscious Bias Training

Course type

Short Course


0.5 days

BIFA's Unconscious Bias training programme is designed to help voters and other experienced professionals in British film recognise and mitigate against subliminal biases in their film-watching and decision-making processes across a variety of dimensions such as genre, budget, commerciality and diversity.

Training was delivered to all voters and jurors who cast votes for the 2018 BIFAs and received such an overwhelmingly positive response, it is back for 2019 and open to all.

In-person training is £30 (free for BIFA and BAFTA voters).

Dates for in-person training (all London):

  • Monday, 5th August
  • Thursday, 5th September
  • Thursday, 19th September

BIFA and BAFTA voters also have the option of taking the course as a free online module. Dates as follows:

  • Tuesday, 20th August
  • Thursday, 5th September
  • Monday, 28th October
  • Tuesday 4th February 2020 (NEW DATE)

This training is supported by ScreenSkills using National Lottery funds awarded by the BFI as part of the Future Film Skills programme.

Course content

This training equips attendees with vital skills and tools in decision-making, leadership, management and communications. It explores:

  • How the decision-making process works and what factors can influence it
  • Where logical decision-making can go wrong and lead us to illogical conclusions
  • What is an unconscious bias and what can we be unconsciously biased against?
  • How to recognise and mitigate against unconscious biases on a personal level and in group work / discussions
  • How this affects our work in the British film industry


Who it's for

This training is relevant and applicable to all film professionals but we’re particularly keen that it is delivered to those with significant decision-making power over projects and personnel, such as:

  • Distributors
  • Sales agents
  • Programmers
  • Producers
  • Commissioners / Financiers
  • Developers
  • Agents
  • Heads of department

Contact information

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Orestes Kouzof


020 3745 2030

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Unconscious Bias Training

British Independent Film Awards (BIFA)

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