Unconscious Bias Training 2021

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Short Course


0.5 days

Piloted with BIFA voters in 2018, our Unconscious bias training programme was designed to help voters recognise and mitigate against potential subliminal biases in their film watching and voting process, such as genre, budget, commerciality, reputation of the gender and race of key creatives or lead actors.

This training has also been rolled out to other organisations in the film and television industries, including BAFTA jurors. The training is accessible, relatable, informative and helps to build a better, more inclusive industry by supporting industry professionals to improve their leadership, judgement, and decision-making skills.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, ScreenSkills are helping us to make this training free for professionals working in the screen industries who have been adversely affected during this time. We believe that this is an important step to keep developing our industry’s skills and reputation through this time of uncertainty. Although the course is free to all, we ask that if you are able to pay the course fee, that you kindly do so, to enable us to provide more free places to those that need them.

In order to access the training for free you’ll need to enter the promo code ScreenSkills2021 on the booking page. After booking your place you’ll be asked to create a ScreenSkills profile which will link to your course attendance.

This initiative is funded using National Lottery funds awarded to ScreenSkills by the British Film institute as part of the Future Film Skills strategy.

Course content

Our training covers how unconscious and ingrained biases (that is, biases that we are not aware of) affect human decision-making day-to-day and how that might have an effect on the work we do in British filmmaking.

Join us at a training session and learn:

  • How the human decision-making process works and what factors can influence it
  • Where logical decision-making can go wrong and lead us to illogical conclusions
  • What is an unconscious bias and what can we be unconsciously biased against?
  • How to recognise and mitigate against unconscious biases on a personal level and in group work or discussions
  • How this affects our work in the British film industry and what we can do to fix it


Who it's for

This training equips attendees with vital skills and tools in decision-making, leadership, management and communications. It is relevant and applicable to all film professionals and especially those with significant decision-making powers over funding, staffing and programming, such as:

  • Distributors
  • Sales agents
  • Programmers
  • Producers
  • Commissioners / Financiers
  • Developers
  • Agents
  • Heads of department

Training sessions will take place via Zoom. Tickets for each session will be released one month ahead and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. To join our mailing list to receive a booking reminder please email hello@bifa.film.

For more information and booking, visit BIFA here

Course free due to ScreenSkills funding

This training addresses an industry skills shortage and is subsidised by ScreenSkills as an investment in the professional development of people working in the UK screen industries.

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Unconscious Bias Training 2021

British Independent Film Awards (BIFA)

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