Social Media Marketing For Films & Filmmakers

Course type

Short Course


1 day

Much digital marketing today relies on social media activity to reach out to specific audiences with key information about people, projects, companies and campaigns. This course will equip attendees, who are already working in the film industry, with the knowledge and strategic thinking to start using social media with specific aims. That may be working in a professional capacity for a production company, running a campaign or simply promoting their own professional and creative life online.

Course content

Each attendee will be taken through the elements required for a successful social media marketing plan, with a practical exercise to put their own plan together during the course.

Course content will include:

  • The power of social media in today’s communications and media landscape
  • Content that powers social media success – creating shareable content
  • The importance of creating content that people want to share
  • The key formats of social media which are used to create shareable social content
  • Making the most of your content
  • The evolving landscape of telling stories via social media
  • Exercise: social media content
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Marketing campaign case study: How to turn an idea into a £3m campaign
  • Creating a social media plan or strategy: aims, audiences, tone of voice, building community, collaboration, campaigns, production and measuring success
  • Exercise: plan your own social media strategy or campaign + review

Who it's for

Freelancers or staff already working in the film industry. Specifically, those who are, or would like to be, using social media for some professional purposes. This may include, although isn’t limited to:

  • Those involved with marketing or promotional activity and campaigns
  • Those wanting to promote their own professional expertise and experiences
  • People in sales and distribution (marketing managers for films/production companies/cinemas/festivals, film programmers, for example)
  • Casting agents
  • Those where social media knowledge can be professionally useful

Applicants should already consider themselves as working as part of the film industry.

Course subsidised due to ScreenSkills funding

This training addresses an industry skills shortage and is subsidised by ScreenSkills as an investment in the professional development of people working in the UK screen industries.

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Rowan Kerek Robertson

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Social Media Marketing For Films & Filmmakers

Taylor Kerek

Taylor Kerek is in the business of sharing our wealth of social media and digital content expertise. From decades of broadcast and social media experience we recommend approaches which make your online content as shareable and effective as possible. We offer "best in class"‚Äč social media production, briefings, training and campaign strategy to power your message to the right audience and deliver results.

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