Harmony Animation with Toon Boom

Course type

Short Course


5 days

Cut-out Animation in Harmony is a five-day course led by Toon Boom’s Senior Solutions Specialist, delivered over ten half day sessions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of digital cut-out animation using keyframes and animating cut-out puppets though introduction exercises and recurring production animation such as cycles and interaction with props using in Harmony Premium. This course is intended for artists who are new to cut-out animation but are familiar with the animation principles.

This course is remote and you will need to provide suitable equipment (computer and wacom tablet) but software will be provided.

This training course is supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund with contributions from UK animation productions.

Course content

The format of this course is instructor-led and includes hands-on activity.

At the end of this class, the attendee will be able to:

  • Use keyframes and computer-generated interpolation to digitally animate characters and props
  • Apply principles of animation to cut-out puppets using digital tools
  • Animate typical motions and cycles frequently recurring in production
  • Understand the fundamentals of a rig and the nodal system

Who it's for

You must have a professional track record in order to qualify for this free course. You may have used other 2D animation software before, but have limited knowledge and experience of ToonBoom Harmony.

The course is not open to students in full time education or recent graduates with no studio experience. You will need to demonstrate at least one professional animation credit on a TV series or feature film.

Course free due to ScreenSkills funding

This training addresses an industry skills shortage and is subsidised by ScreenSkills as an investment in the professional development of people working in the UK screen industries.

Contact information

Contact name

Andy Wyatt

Training provider

Harmony Animation with Toon Boom

Animation Associates

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