Effective client relationships and negotiating skills in Post-production

Course type: Short Course

Wouldn’t it be great if your up and coming producers felt confident in the all-important soft skills of developing effective client relationships and negotiating skills?

This course will cover
• Fundamentals of building long-term, profitable client relationships
• Understanding your role as problem solvers and experts
• Appreciating your expertise; putting a price on how you add value
• Clarity and challenges in project scoping
• Explaining your thinking: the value of ‘why?’
• Understanding the client’s POV: the pains/gains spectrum
• What clients really want: top tips for developing effective relationships
• Understanding the value and purpose of different forms of communication: ’phone, email, face-to-face
• Negotiating for a win-win; identifying your negotiating style
• Building rapport – the key skill for any negotiation
• Preparation – identifying your BPO (Best Possible Outcome) and Plan B
• The essential skills: active listening, asking open questions and paraphrasing to check understanding
• Identifying suitable trade-offs
• Helpful phrases and questions – what to say and what NOT to say
• Identifying the red flags – when to seek support; when to walk away
• Your take-aways: summarising what you have learned and what you intend to put into practice as a result of the day.

Highly interactive, practical and engaging, this one-day course is rooted in the day-to-day reality of working in post-production. Your up and coming talent will come away with the skills, resources and, above all, the confidence to take a more informed and proactive approach to developing effective client relationships and handling negotiations as they progress in their role.

Places are limited to ensure an effective workshop. Priority will be given to those servicing high-end TV business. This programme is supported by the High-end TV Skills Fund, managed by ScreenSkills.



Entry requirements

This course was created specifically for junior producers, line producers, production coordinators and production managers working in post-production companies servicing high-end TV business.

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Effective client relationships and negotiating skills in Post-production

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