Editing: Avid Media Composer

Course type

Short Course


2 days

Students acquire a working understanding of non-linear editing on AVID Media Composer (as well as Avid XPress Pro) through group tutorials, one to one instruction and hands-on practice. Using programme material and sequences provided, students will work on the AVID from digitizing source materials and editing picture and audio through to creating titles and outputting, plus an overview of 3D stereo images and surround sound.

Course content

Day one:

  • Introduction to Bins
  • Master Clips and Media Files
  • The Composer Window
  • The Timeline Window
  • Editing Stages
  • Selecting the Shots
  • Creating a Sequence
  • Trimming
  • Moving through the timeline
  • Timeline zooming
  • Dissolves
  • Saving
  • Shutting down
  • Tracks
  • Making a split edit
  • Broken sync
  • Finding audio cues
  • Setting levels – part one
  • Monitoring additional tracks
  • Editing audio into the sequence (advanced)
  • Adjusting audio levels and pan
  • Working with sync
  • Using audio plug-ins

Day two:

  • Editing workflow - raising and starting a project
  • Preparing to Capture/Import file based media
  • Working with AMA direct from camera source
  • Importing rushes
  • Timecode and tape names
  • Tracks, bins and drives
  • Video and audio
  • 3 capture methods
  • Digitising from non-timecoded source
  • Output
  • Digital Cut
  • Moving projects and sequences between machines
  • Export (OMFI)
  • EDL
  • Segment editing
  • Slipping and Sliding
  • Text view
  • Sorting and sifting
  • Moving, duplicating and deleting clips in a bin
  • Backing up
  • Moving projects and sequences between machines
  • Copying, moving and consolidating media
  • Deleting media
  • The media tool
  • Re-digitising material back onto the Avid
  • Customising buttons and keys
  • Customising settings
  • Customising toolsets
  • Dissolves
  • Titles
  • Overview of visual effects and multi-camera editing
  • Re-visit any areas according to student needs

Who it's for

This is an introductory course aimed at novices with no prior experience in AVID Media Composer or editing but a rudimentary knowledge of editing and post-production processes/terminology is useful. All applicants must be fluent in English and minimum 18-years-old.

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Editing: Avid Media Composer

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