Submit details of your training courses for moderation by our team.


Submit details of your resources for moderation by our team.

Promote your training and resources with ScreenSkills

ScreenSkills is the go-to place for anyone in the screen industries looking for training and resources to support their development.

If you are a provider offering quality training, programmes or events, even if they have not been commissioned by ScreenSkills, we would be delighted to publish details of your activities within our Training and opportunities directory.

This means that those looking to improve their skills in film, television, games, animation or visual effects, can find all there is to offer in one place. It also means that we can encourage those who can't afford training to apply for a ScreenSkills bursary as we will promote our bursary scheme on your listing.

ScreenSkills’ Information and resources directory brings together quality content from across the screen industries into one handy place.

We curate e-learning, information, case studies and videos for freelancers, staff and employers in film, TV, animation, games and visual effects. They find content relevant to them using a series of filters

What we need to know

In order to be included in our Training and opportunities directory we need to be satisfied that you:

  • Are insured
  • Track diversity
  • Have experience
  • Encourage continued professional development with your participants
  • Use trainers who are qualified to deliver training
  • Have your own online booking system, whether that's through your website or a form

In order to be included in our Information and resources directory we must be able to answer "yes" to the following questions when deciding whether to link to your web page:

  • Is this content about film, TV, games, animation or VFX?
  • Is it designed for those working in, or wanting to work in, the industries, or for trainers, educators, careers advisors or employers?
  • Does the page complement the existing content?
  • Will it be accurate and relevant for more than a few months?
  • Is accessing the content free of charge?

Notes for filling in the form

Activity/resource name: Choose a name that explains the activity/resource clearly. "Working in animation: first steps for new entrants" is better than "Working in animation".

Description: When you describe your activity/resource, make sure you explain who it is for and what participants can expect to learn.

Logo: For entries in our Information and resources directory we need you to upload a company logo (preferably 1920 by 1080 pixels)

Style: We reserve the right to edit your text so that it is in ScreenSkills style. Please remember our key style points when you write.

  • Our dates take this form: Thursday 7 October, 2021 (We don't use indices - 7th)
  • We put titles of productions in italics: A Suitable Boy
  • Our style for high-end TV is either high-end TV or HETV
  • We don't use initial capital letters for job titles: Sarah Jones, production manager
  • We don't use "!" or "&"
  • We don't put punctuation at the end of bullet points (take this list as an example)

The process

One of our moderators will assess the submission and notify you by email whether it has been accepted or declined.