How the screen industries help power the UK economy, 2019

Click here to enlarge the infographic. It is based on data taken from the  Annual ScreenSkills Assessment (2019)

How much do the screen industries contribute to the UK economy?
The screen industries make a significant contribution to the UK economy:

  • film and TV production: £4 million of which £2.7 million approximate gross value added (GVA)
  • film and TV post-production: £8 million of which £0.9 million GVA
  • film and TV programme distribution: £4 million of which £3.3 million GVA
  • film exhibition: £5 million of which £0.6 GVA
  • television programming and broadcasting: £4 million of which £6.6 GVA
  • publishing of games: £9 million of which £0.3 GVA

Where are screen jobs by sector?
The majority of people working in the screen industries work in film and TV production (79%), followed by film and TV post-production (12%), television programming and broadcasting (5%), film and TV programme distribution (3%), film exhibition (1%) and other (1%).

Where are screen jobs concentrated?
The majority of screen jobs are concentrated in London, followed by Scotland, Wales and the South East.

What are the main export markets?
Compared to the UK economy as a whole, the screen industries export more to markets outside the UK and less within the UK.​

  • export market within the UK: 61% (screen industries) versus 84% (UK economy as a whole)
  • export market outside the UK but within the EU: 24% (screen industries) versus 12% (UK economy as a whole)
  • export market outside the EU: 15% (screen industries) versus 4% (UK economy as a whole)

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