James Humphreys

James Humphreys

  • Location: Cardiff
  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

A Newportorian based in Cardiff. But, do not panic, I may be in Cardiff but my brutish Newport sensibilities haven’t survived the journey. Like most children, I aspired to several dream jobs from a doctor to a life in the military. But, as age crept up on me and my conscience started to mould, I realised that (particularly the aforementioned professions) are potentially too gruesome for me, but I still liked the idea of those careers. That’s when it dawned on me that acting could be a potential avenue for a career, I get to fill those roles without experiencing the negatives.

My interest in acting had slowly dwindled but has been replaced with the passion to work in the technical side of the industry. My ambition is to write, however, I have been taking every opportunity to get as much experience on camera and sound as I possibly can. I have directed and shot a few short films. Recently, I flew to Estonia and helped a friend film a documentary on the refugee crisis. I was mainly the camera operator but I was tasked with also transcribing the interviews which were conducted in English and aided in writing questions for interviewees.


  • Scriptwriting
  • Academic Writing
  • Assistant Directing
  • Camera Assisting
  • Directing
  • Grip
  • Runner
  • Sound
  • Transmedia Storytelling



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