Teresa Quartero

Teresa Quartero

  • Location: Italy

I'm a wallflower, arty type, culture vulture peter pan in my creative journey.

Currently I'm still in high school, but on September I'm going to university to study "Intercultural Comunication" in order to gain knowledge about other populations and their cultures. My dream is being able to combine my university degree with my love for art and film making. 

I'm also a polyglot wannabe: I can speak Italian (my native language), English, French, Spanish, German and a bit of Russian. I've also studied Ancient Greek and Latin. 

In my spare time I like painting, making art in general, playing my ukulele, reading, writing and being inspired.



  • Photography
  • Creative
  • Creative writing
  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Scripts
  • Ukulele Playing