Niki Lambropoulos

Niki Lambropoulos


  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available

Niki Lambropoulos was born in Ancient Olympia, Greece. She studied screenwriting in Los Angeles and London. After 12 years living, studying and working in London and Paris as a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher and innovator, she decided to transfer her skill-set to the creative entertainment industry. Her HCI and project management specialization, translating theories into structures, symbols and tools for specific users, equips her uniquely to write exciting character assembles in action adventure and science fiction scripts.

Personal story: After 12 years of living, studying and working in London, I went back to Greece to help with the crisis. But that world reacted unexpectedly, provoking forces and creating stories waiting to be told.


  • Feature Film
  • Screenwriting
  • Short filmmaking