Jemima Fahy

Jemima Fahy

Video Artist

  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

An emerging filmmaker with experience directing small-scale short film projects, Jemima has a current portfolio of producing music videos, interviews, dancefilm and behind-the-scenes content.

She has also been involved in the editing of video and audio files for short films; primarily using Adobe Premiere Pro, and more recently has begun incorporating Final Cut Pro X for required projects. Her background training in dance naturally gels with filmic understandings of time, sequence, movement, pace, and the composition of human bodies on the screen, which is demonstrated through her approach to editing video footage.

As an interdisciplinary artist interested in the intersection between the moving body and screen-based media, her work has taken form in short films, live performances and installations.

Jemima has recently released Impetus, a short dancefilm collaboration with Calling The Shots, Arts Council England, and Channel 4’s Random Acts.

In February 2016, her short film TRACES held its debut screening at Concourse Festival, alongside a repeat showing of Fracture (2015), in partnership with AMATA and the Dartington Society at Falmouth University.


  • Choreography
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Dance Filmmaker
  • Dancer
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Filmmaker