Javotte  Flatman

Javotte Flatman


  • Location: Bristol, UK
  • Career stage: Expert
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

Javotte is a committed documentary maker who has established an eclectic and award winning career in the industry; from an early Grierson nomination for Best Newcomer for her BBC4 authored film ‘A Journey Around My Grandmother’, to a BAFTA for her role as part of the BBC1 documentary strand One Life’s 'Lager Mum and Me', and more recently, as Series Director, receiving an RTS award for Best Documentary Series for C4’s ‘One Born Every Minute’ (she Series Directed series 5 and 6).

As a Director, Javotte has thrived in emotionally charged situations, establishing and maintaining access and drawing out compelling interview content; from sensitively dealing with children with mental health issues (BBC1: 'DIY SOS The Big Build'), to negotiating the worlds of the aristocracy (Sky Atlantic: 'The Guest Wing'), super rich and top public schools (BBC1: 'Eton and Harrow’s Cold War'), to wrestling with the traumas of a family torn apart over ISIS recruitment of one of its minors and earlier, interviewing Muslims in America post 9/11 to reveal the impact on their lives. A number of Javotte’s films have told the stories of those significantly affected by health issues (C5: Medical Mysteries; C4: One Born Every Minute; BBC2: Midwives). And those grappling on the fringes of society from heroin addicts (C4: 'Wasted') to prisonners and their families including teenage prostitution (C4: 'Doing Time').

Javotte started her early career under the wing of some of the industry’s best known film makers, including Paul Watson (BBC1: ‘Strutting our Stuff’) and Patrick Holland (BBC1: Picture This) and Katherine English (BBC1: ‘Nap Attack’), who nurtured her keen narrative skills and personal focus. In this vein, many of her films have been self-shot (BBC2: Family Ties ‘A journey around my grandmother’; BBC2: ‘Living the Dream Revisited’; BBC3: ‘Wedding Stories’; BBC2 ‘The Midwives’; C4: ‘One Born Every Minute’ – covering off rig births and sit-down interviews; ‘C5 Medical Mysteries, filming observationally and lighting/shooting sit down interviews). Javotte has consistently been praised for having a great eye in her camerawork whilst being able to stay focused on withdrawing strong narratives.

Although Javotte is now an experienced PD with exceptionally strong story telling skills, she has broadened her documentary focus to more recently cover a wider range of skills, including directing talent on presenter led formats (BBC1: DIY (SOS) x2; BBC1: Flog It x 20); managing and directing large crews and talent (BBC1: DIY(SOS), series directing with a rig set up (C4: One Born), and filming overseas in remote and logistically difficult circumstances (spending 3 weeks in the ‘pirate seas’ of the Comoros Islands, working with a power generator, filming and directing a 'making of' section of the landmark BBC1 natural history series of 'Africa' narrated by David Attenborough). She is now as comfortable with a big team as she is on smaller documentary productions and has the skills to manage both.

Javotte has consistently, throughout her career, developed her own ideas through to commissioned and finished projects, including BBC1: One Life: ‘Bindis & Beauty Queens’, ‘The Battle for Dylan Gun’ - a transatlantic custody story - and ‘A Very British Bollywood’; BBC4/2 ‘A Journey around my Grandmother’.

Throughout Javotte has taken most of her projects into the cutting room as well as Edit Producing, drawing out the best of material shot by others. Working to tight deadlines and budgets on fast turnaround programmes is also part of Javotte’s skillset. With more recent responsibility as Series Director on 'One Born Every Minute', she has developed people management skills and now enjoys nurturing new off an on screen talent. She is quietly confident in running teams of researchers, APs and PDs. She has also worked collaboratively with SP’s and Executive Producers to deliver the right style and tone for a project. Javotte has experience of both ‘worlds’ of TV - working in-house for the BBC over a number of years but also has worked in the freelance Indie sector.

With this breadth and range of experience Javotte has now taken up the offer to get involved with the Skillset Series Producer Programme run in conjunction with key Commissioners and Broadcasters.


  • Camera lighting
  • Current Affairs
  • Difficult Access factual
  • Documentary
  • Documentary Film
  • Edit Producer
  • Factual
  • Observational filming
  • Rig shows
  • Self-shooting
  • Series Director
  • Sound Recording
  • Working with Presenters