Sophie Charlotte Barth

Sophie Charlotte Barth

Freelance director & writer

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available

Companies: B.Ø Teater (Oslo/London)

Trabicula Theatre (

I'm an East 15 Acting School alumni, from the MA Theatre Directing course. As a director, writer and performer I’m interested in developing a collaborative spirit in all my work where I can involve artists across all art forms. My style would probably be linked to the absurdist tradition, but I also enjoy exploring realism and naturalism in equal measure. As a theatre artist, I want to focus on language that is representative of life by exploring the real meaning of words and their musicality. I’m therefore also very attached to Antonin Artaud’s ground-breaking theatre theories in The Theatre and its Double. I would like to keep the words that capture the narrative in a minimalist but with immaculate precision. Therefore I strive to write my text in a different way, where the strong visual communication can erase the need for words to fill the silence.
My most current idea that I want to develop as a young director is inspired by the études I saw when studying in Moscow (GITIS). I want to break free from the theatre stage and work with tailoring performances site-specifically, and thus also opening up to the notion that the space affects the work and vice-versa. The type of work I’m interested in developing would be covering a variety of different genres, also by focusing on reconstructing classic texts in an immersive way.

I'm currently based in Oslo (Norway), but will work on projects in London in 2016.



  • Academic Writing
  • Art Direction
  • Assistant Directing
  • Creative writing
  • Directing
  • Movement
  • Physical Theatre
  • Playwriting