Philippa Faulks

Philippa Faulks

Writer and Publishing Consultant

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Philippa Faulks is an author, ghost writer, freelance editor and journalist, specialising in occultism, alternative history, health and religion. She has written six books, including the best-selling The Masonic Magician: the Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and his Egyptian Rite (Watkins Publishing, 2008). She lives and works in Manchester.

Her passion for writing and the publishing trade has seen her working for the last 15 years within the varied realms of freelance writing, book distribution and in her previous job as publishing manager for Lewis Masonic (an imprint of Ian Allan Publishing). She is the author of six books - The Masonic Magician: the Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and his Egyptian Rite, A Handbook for the Freemason's Wife, The Secrets of Meditation, Henna Magic, Modern Mantras and The Zen Diet - and ghost writer for several other titles. She has edited many books in the course of her work; her most recent is a biography of 18th century alchemist and Freemason Count Cagliostro, Cagliostro - the Unknown Master by Marc Haven, translated from the French.

Member of The Society of Authors

In my own words....

As an author, researcher and historical adventurer, my love of the spiritual arts and ancient mysteries has led me to write books on diverse subjects. My early working background involved 15 years experience in the whole food trade and working as a qualified aromatherapist. This combined with my interests which include ancient Egypt, health, psychology and social anthropology, has given me a wealth of experience to create my books.

My main mission statement for my work - as both a writer and member of a publishing team - is to focus on the book as the real product; the stand alone success. Writing is about being able to communicate with the reader. It can be inspiring, motivating, thought-provoking or merely educational but every book should offer the reader something different, a new perspective on an old problem, a 'eureka' moment that sets things in motion; it may be a thrilling adventure, even a comfort zone for a few hours escapism but books can change lives! With the right author, editor and some good marketing, we can achieve that.

I'm very lucky that I have experienced both sides of the publishing industry (including running a book distribution company), have some wonderful contacts and I want to share that.

Aside from my professional life, I am an active campaigner to raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it - I suffer from both moderate hearing loss and tinnitus. I was featured in SHE magazine, the Daily Mail and BBC One's regional program Inside Out, to highlight the problems associated with these problems.

Previous Work

Publishing Manager for Lewis Masonic (an imprint of Ian Allan Publishing) Commissioning books, editing, proofreading, cover design, picture sourcing, marketing, social media. Worked on 35+ books.

Freelance Author
Books listed below.
Written articles featured in the Daily Mail, Mindscape Magazine, The Square.

Faulks Books - Director
Faulks Books was an independent book distribution and publishing company, specialising in esoteric and Masonic titles from around the world. Faulks Books introduced many exciting new authors and publications into the UK market, many of which are still being distributed by trusted sources. I managed all aspects of this business from sourcing titles to editing obscure works for publication. It was a thoroughly rewarding business which led me into the world of professional writing and working for prestigious publishing houses.


The Masonic Magician - the Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and His Egyptian Rite (Watkins - 2008)

A Handbook for the Freemason's Wife (Lewis Masonic - 2009)

Secrets of Meditation (Watkins - 2009)

Henna Magic (Llewellyn - 2010)

Modern Mantras (Lulu - 2012)

The Zen Diet (Watkins - 2013)

Memories of Franz Bardon by Dr Lumir Bardon (Merkur Publishing 2005)

The Universal Master Key by Franz Bardon (Faulks Books - 2013)

Cagliostro - The Unknown Master (Level Press - 2015)



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