Anna Soboleva

Anna Soboleva

Performance Artist/ Set Designer

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

I am a performance artist and theatre maker who blends together visual arts, movement and sound. My work is majorly inspired by composer’s Richard Wagner’s concept of Complete Work of Art where music, movement and fine art become one. I am the leading member and founder of the Room39 collective and Liquid Moon Dance Theatre. 

I am fascinated by the concept of movement, both literal and abstract, and believe that spontaneousness, honesty and freedom to express are the elements that define the meaning of art. By expressing myself through the act of making performance, I strive to reach what can be called 'enlightening' connection with the observers.

My practice aims to leave a positive impact on the environment we live in through using recycled materials rather than bought. With sound, body language and visual imagery I explore and broaden the way people think and feel. I am intrigued by possibility to challenge  body and mind, and pose questions that make us think in a different way.

About Liquid Moon Dance Theatre:

Liquid Moon is an experimental dance theatre. We are fascinated with the way human mind works and how it perceives and shapes the world around itself. We use language of embodied emotions, sound and visual symbolism to create unusual and dream-like narratives. We make performances to express and connect.  We aim to immerse our audiences into questioning, thinking and looking at the notion of art, science and life from different angles and perspectives. We are not looking for clear answers, but hoping to leave spectators with a certain realisation, that doesn’t have to be fully understood, but rather felt. As a company, we provoke and evoke emotions, feelings and sensations in ourselves as well as in our audiences.


Work History

set/costume designer, deviser, performer - Coffee.Parallax.String.

May 2015 - Oct 2015

deviser/performer - 80milliseconds

Feb 2015 - Apr 2015

set/costume designer - Mac-Beth

Aug 2013 - Oct 2013

set/costume designer - The Grand Guignol

Aug 2013 - Oct 2013

set/costume designer - the suicide

Apr 2013 - Jun 2013

set/costume designer - Fulfil Me Fully, Phil

Jan 2013 - Mar 2013

set/costume designer - The Woyzeck

Aug 2012 - Oct 2012

set/costume designer - The Tempest

Sep 2011 - Oct 2011


Advanced Theatre Practice (MA) - Masters - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Sep 2014 - Oct 2015

Theatre Design - BA - Nottingham Trent University

Sep 2008 - Sep 2011


  • choreography
  • Art Direction
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Costume Design
  • Director
  • Live Performance
  • Set Design
  • Sound and Video