Stephanie Daley

Stephanie Daley

CG Animator

  • Location: South Wales
  • Career stage: Entry
Studied a Ticked course

I'm a CG Animator, specializing in character animation.

I love taking a 3D character and moving it around, bringing it to life and watching a new personallity unfold.

I first decided I wanted to learn the art of animation while whatching an online series Red vs Blue. Granted it was nothing flashy, no big budget animated film just a small series filmed using computers and a video game, but as the series went on they started to use some CG animation and it tweaked my interest which is when I had that "I wanna Know how they do this" eureka moment. 

Since then I have completed 3 years of Computer Animation at the University of South Wales, and have grown to love and appreciate all the work that goes in to any animated feature.